Coffee Nexus and Artisan Roast will lead an interactive sensory session on how label design can be used to guide coffee drinkers to their desired flavour profiles

The session will involve participants being asked to sort blind-coded coffees into specific flavour categories. These categories are those used for Artisan Roast’s new labels, which will be officially launched at the festival.  The results of the study and how often participant record the same flavour grouping for specially chosen micro-lots will be published after the session.



John Thompson from Coffee Nexus:

Coffee Nexus is an Edinburgh based coffee consultancy with a global reach.

The company has a passion for quality and delivers bespoke solutions and services to clients looking to add value to speciality coffee throughout the supply chain.

SCAE certified training, NPD, roast optimisation, and sourcing support are run from the Edinburgh lab, while travel to clients place of work, whether it be a coffee farm or roastery remain central to the company’s mission of delivering personal solutions that suit individual needs.

Coffee Nexus

John is a Head Judge for Cup of Excellence.  He also sits on the Education Committee for SCAE, leading the development of green coffee curriculum and training tools, as well as assisting in the sensory and roasting training.

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