Doing the right thing is at the heart of the Edinburgh Coffee Festival.

In tune with Edinburgh’s specialty coffee and foodie culture, the event is friendly, inclusive, innovative and environmentally sustainable.

We aim to showcase our business community and encourage everyone to help us minimise our environmental impact.  In 2018 we’re partnering with The Corn Exchange and Vegware to help us make this a zero-waste event.

Exhibitors and visitors can help us make this year’s Edinburgh Coffee Festival the most sustainable yet. Conventional packaging is difficult to recycle – it’s made from a mix of materials and often contaminated with food residue. This means most of it goes to landfill or incineration.  Vegware’s catering disposables are made from plants, not plastic, and they’re designed to be composted with food waste. We want this year’s festival to be a zero-waste event. By exhibitors serving  food and drinks in compostable packaging, they’ll help us create one of the most sustainable coffee festivals in the UK.

Visitors can help us further by working with Vegware staff to separate items using the bins provided.

After the event, all disposable packaging will be composted nearby. Just 12 weeks later, it will be available to local farms as nutrient rich soil improver.

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