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Back in 2011, in a café in South Melbourne, Australia – a question was asked…

“There are reusable cup options available, why aren’t people using them EVERY time ALL the time?”

And so the frank green challenge began – to change the way people think about reusable products.

“The contribution to landfill and the pollution of our oceans is something OUR generation has been responsible for and we just can’t keep ignoring it.  Recycling alone is not the answer – we have to stop creating the waste in the first place.”

Ben Young, Founder & CEO

“To encourage people to bring their cup or bottle everyday and use it more often, we knew we needed to design something special – that looks beautiful and works better, rewards its users and never compromises taste”

4 years and millions of $$ of commitment to meticulous R&D later the first frank green SmartCup and SmartBottle was sold.

And now it’s out there and people in countries all across the world are proudly using frank green SmartCups and SmartBottles everyday to stand up for what they believe in, to reduce waste and help protect our planet.

We hope you’ll join the fight with us.


  • Is in the eye of the “holder” – and we believe our cups and bottles look and feel beautiful
  • Our products are made from premium quality materials that are stain and odour resistant so you only taste what you’re drinking
  • With ability to customise your own colour combinations from our range of beautiful options
  • BPA-free and non-toxic


  • Our products are made from recycled materials and are recyclable at the end of their very long life
  • We work with eco-responsible local suppliers
  • We always seek to conserve resources during production – fewer raw materials, less packaging, recycling our waste, and reducing our energy output


  • CafePay enabled so you can pay for your coffee with your cup and be rewarded for your loyalty
  • Safe and secure screw down spill resistant lid  with clever one handed, push button operation
  • Drinking hole designed for optimum liquid flow
  • Double walled thermo plastic outer layer in the SmartCup keeps your coffee hotter for longer and it’s non-slip grip feels soft in your hand


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