A selection of fresh coffees from Latin America and East Africa

The beginning of Autumn is an exciting time, when more coffees from East Africa and Latin America start arriving in the UK. This exclusive cupping will showcase the very best of these new arrivals – including lots from Colombia, Rwanda and Burundi – as well as a selection of other specialty coffees from our range, which promote diverse flavour profiles, high cup scores and a variety of processing methods.

This cupping session will take place at 10.30 am in the ‘Cupping Room’.


About Falcon Speciality

Falcon Specialty source and import the finest green coffees from Africa, Latin America and Asia, developing long-lasting relationships with producers, providing agronomy training and supporting everyone in the supply chain who are invested in quality coffee – from farmer, exporter, roaster and barista.

Our team have a wealth of experience spanning all aspects of the coffee supply chain, learned from years travelling in origin countries, social auditing, Q-grade cupping expertise, blend development and small batch roasting.

As a standard, we pay premiums above the cost of production, regardless of the world price of coffee. We are also completely transparent in our work and aim to have a positive impact wherever we trade, initiating projects at origin and channeling revenue back to coffee producing regions.

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