Key learnings from setting up a cluster of coffee shops’  Edwin Harrison

A unique opportunity to hear the highs and lows of setting up the Artisan coffee shops and the Artisan Coffee School. Edwin Harrison, co founder of the Artisans, shares some of the key experiences that would help anyone looking to set up or develop their coffee business!

Edwin holds a Masters degree in Commerce from the University of Western Australia and having worked with the coffee growers in Uganda in 2010, he returned to the UK to establish Artisan, which is a group of coffee shops in the South West London area. Artisan has been incredibly successful and is one of a number of coffee specialists that are at the forefront of the currently thriving independent coffee culture. In addition to the shops, Edwin has set up the Artisan Coffee School and Curious Roo Coffee Roasters. The School is based in London and leads the way in coffee training within this industry. It is a lab-come-workshop with its state of the art equipment and this is where you can find Artisan and SCA certified courses.

This talk will take place at 13.30 in Room 1.

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